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Date: Apr 19, 2009
Small midwestern towns

I was just cruising thru some mid-50's websites about Frankfort High School, and this site.  Once again, I paused to think about the good life I had in Frankfort.  At my age, this is a fairly common occurance. 

Anyhow, I took stock of the email addresses I have in my address book.  There is one group of addresses I communicate with on a somewhat regular basis......communicating with some for many years and others more recently as technology spreads.  Of this particular group that I was focusing on, I counted thirteen addresses, and adding myself made 14.  What was significant about those addresses?  We were all in kindergarten together 65 years ago!!!  We all knew Mr. Hampton well.  He was the principal of Woodside Grade School.

That is what growing up in a small midwestern town provides.  It can't be bought.  I guess you just have to be lucky to find your way there.  Many of us had smoother rides than others.  Some had more sadness, some more delight, and some more illness than others.  But we all shared in knowing and liking one another, as evidenced by the fact that we all have each other's email address.  You don't give out your email address unless you want someone to have it.

Now here we are in our winter years.  We have the luxury of reflection.  Growing up during the years in Frankfort, I practically ignored the words "formative years."  I didn't have time for such analysis.  But, all that time, I was being influenced.  I was being influenced by the good people I knew, kids, parents, other kid's parents, business people, school teachers, the baseball diamond and the swimming pool.  All were products of the same small midwestern town I was.  It all fit together.  It was a little place called Frankfort, Indiana.  Over the years, I learned it is easy to criticize.  However, as I grew older, I learned it is harder to understand. 

This site, and the other Frankfort oriented sites are great places to get to know one another again.  This is particularly useful for those of us that now live far away from Frankfort.  Steve Greeno has performed an excellent service for all of us that have lived in Frankfort, either for their entire lives or during the "formative years."  I don't know who pays for the site.  I presume Steve does.  I know it doesn't cost me anything.  Yet, I get to participate.  It was sites such as this that allowed me to have the 13 email addresses above.

It is my wish that all who come this way at least drop a note and say, "Hi."  It doesn't cost anything and I'll bet someone would be delighted to see your name.  That's how things go in small midwestern towns. 


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Date: Dec 27, 2009

I think Mr. Hampton lived on S.JacksonSt two doors north of my house at 1652S.Jackson across from the fairgrounds.He kind of reminded me of Mr.Wilson of Dennis the Menace!A nice man even though I pulled a few Halloween tricks on him.Was his wife a school teacher?

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